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On-Board Control Unit

On-Board Control Unit »VISION«

You already know which Display technology you want for your bus or train, but you are still uncertain about the handling? bustec offers several board computers to control our passenger information systems.

It is needless to say that different application areas require a certain technology. Depending on whether the driver of a bus or train should only control the external displays or auxiliary be responsible for the ticket printer, announcement systems, and the interior displays, a different cutting point or rather a Control-/Download Unit or On-Board Computer is needed. A cheap but also strong Control-/Download Unit is quite enough in case of you just have to use single features. You are rather searching for an all-in-one solution in the range of Control-/Download Units and On-Board Computer? Our attractive offerings include a Premium model, which satisfies every special wish. We offer two different solutions:

Control-/Download Unit or On-Board-Computer?

1. Premium: The bustec On-Board-Computer with full functional range for bus and train (peripheral equipment, WLAN, fast processor, Touch Display and many more)

3. Basic: The On-board control device <Vision> BT902 for controlling external displays at Bus and train plus model BT902.1 with GPS function

3. Basic: The Control-/Download Unit <Vision> BT900 for controlling external displays at Bus and train

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